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On Hold Messages for Hosted PBX and VoIP Platforms

Captivate Connect offers the only daily automatic updating call waiting, on hold messaging service available in the world.

  • Captivate On Connects’s patented solution delivers an integrated dynamic phone audio service to any VoIP, IP or PBX platform. No need for USB’s or digital players as our on hold message solution natively supports Hosted PBX and VoIP platforms,
  • Using the internet, Captivate Connect makes your on hold message updates, IVR and auto-attendant needs fast, effective and easy,
  • Promotions can be written, recorded and inserted into your message rotation within an hour of production; keeping your marketing fresh and relevant,
  • By updating via the cloud, Captivate Connect removes the need for IT support when you’re ready to update your messages,
  • You’ll no longer have static music files and your business phone callers will hear fresh, new phone audio content such as music, messages, news, a quizz, video, podcast, etc every time they’re placed on hold.