Video On-hold, Phone Displayed Interactive Voice Response IRV

Interactive Video On-hold Phone Messages

With the rapidly accelerating adoption of Unified Communications (UC) – the system that frees up the workforce to take and make business phone calls from their Laptop, PC, tablet or Smartphone, we will start to see the end of the handset on every desk.

Telcos are selling Hosted IP endpoints without a handset as the tech-savvy get used to using their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as the office phone.  Even for those who feel more comfortable with a phone handset, with a twitch of the nose (or maybe a shake of the device) the call can be transferred from phone to desktop to tablet to Smartphone to Bluetooth in the car, without missing a beat.

Tablets and Smartphone all have cameras and are video enabled. Combined with improving telco infrastructure, videos on hold, on your smartphone is a reality for businesses here and now.

“This is great for us”, commented Captivate On Hold CEO Mark Horwood, “as Captivate developed ‘Video On Hold’ several years ago. The increased bandwidth and the use of UC in enterprise solutions will now see the increase in the need for Video On Hold and displayed IVRs”. (Interactive voice response is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice)


Captivate will show off their world-leading videos on hold technology at the Broadsoft Connections in Texas starting on November 14th.