Music & Messages On-hold Business Phone Technology

Music & Messages On-hold Business Phone Technology

In the dim dark past market research done by music on hold providers showed that the average time a phone caller spent on hold was 60.5 seconds. This phone call waiting time drove the technology of On Hold from silence to Greensleeves, to cassette players, then CD players to SD or USB drive being mailed out for some poor lass to climb under the desk to change! Or you could connect a radio hoping that it stayed on station and didn’t play inappropriate music or your competitors advertisements. Plus you had to pay license fees for something you could not control. As bandwidth becomes more reliable and affordable, hosted telephony is taking over, but with no onsite PBX, there’s now nowhere to connect a device.

For the developers of hosted telephony the main concern was ensuring calls got from A to B, therefore they gave little if any thought to what happened in the middle. So they loaded up some boring royalty free music. The tune has changed thankfully, but the principle remained the same – give the waiting caller something, anything, and they won’t complain.


Apart from the technological challenges of presenting a loop of content to business phone callers, where was all the audio going to be stored? And what if a client wanted more than a few minutes of audio? And what if a user wanted to change the files often? Someone would need to change it…manually. Multiply that by many tens of thousands of users and Timmy from ABC Telco is a busy boy. An inspired piece of IT engineering led to the Captivate Connect solution. By connecting our proprietary studio software and audio content server applications with the new hosted voice platforms the new hosted telephony platforms can now deliver phone callers to your business the best On Hold experience ever – devicelessly, reliably and a managed service. Another benefit Captivate delivers with hosted voice reports on the hold duration for your callers. (View a sample voice report)

And we can report with around 800,000, yes, that’s eight hundred thousand records on file to date, the average on hold duration is still 60.5 seconds…just like the old days.