Captivate Connect

CAPTIVATE CONNECT This rebrand is the first in 21 years. Captivate On Hold will cease to exist this week, becoming Captivate Connect, reflecting its suite of tech products. It is a global telecommunications company with 3500 customers globally, and offices in South Africa, Maldive Islands and Perth Australia.  There are 50 customers in the Maldives.

Call waiting messages on-hold for veterinary clinic hospital America

1st Pet Veterinary Clinic, Arizona, America

PHONE CALL WAITING, VETERINARY CLINIC AMERICA Captivate had a referral from Vonage Business regarding a recently signed customer, 1st Pet Veterinary Clinic in Arizona, America. “We recently changed to Vonage as our VOIP provider.  We have been using our own on-hold-messaging for years.  Now with Vonage we have just learned the limitations of Broadworks. 🙁[…]

Real estate phone marketing

Real Estate Marketing, Property Marketing

Real Estate Office Property Marketing Messages When potential property buyers phone your real estate office, you have a small but powerful window to buyers of all the news and properties on offer.   This is a unique real estate marketing and branding opportunity to differentiate your real estate agency marketing from your competitors with date[…]