Phone Call Onhold Business Unique Selling Proposition – Be Different

MESSAGES/MUSIC ONHOLD – BUSINESS USP 5 changes that will make a big difference with your Business Unique Selling Preposition via On Hold messages Cut out the “corporate speak” – remember, you are communicating with potential clients and customers, not corporate investors or business associates, the use of large corporate sounding words makes for hard listening –[…]

Phone Caller on hold Experience

Phone Caller Experience

Phone Caller Customer Experience Case Study World-leading Cloud-based On Hold phone technology can report On Hold usage on BroadSoft’s BroadWorks based platforms. For this example, we chose a US client using our service through BroadWorks,  Hosted PBX, delivered by MetTel. The end user is a specialist medical consulting group based in New York. Phone Call Waiting[…]

Cloud PBX

Hosted PBX, On Hold Messages, Cloud PBX

On Hold Messages for Hosted PBX and VoIP Platforms Captivate Connect offers the only daily automatic updating call waiting, on hold messaging service available in the world. Captivate On Connects’s patented solution delivers an integrated dynamic phone audio service to any VoIP, IP or PBX platform. No need for USB’s or digital players as our[…]