December 12, 2016

Phone Message Solutions

Captivate On Hold have been at the forefront of developing phone call waiting, phone audio messages/music onhold  solutions that are key to delivering quality, effective and engaging on hold phone audio content to all voice platforms.

Whether it’s an onsite PBX at your office or cloud based Hosted Voice, or even one of the new hybrid platforms, Captivate has affordable, innovative, onhold phone content solution for business organisation phone systems.


Be it NEC, Shoretel, Cisco, Asterisk, Avaya, Mitel or a BroadWorks iteration, whatever you have, Captivate has an affordable engineered phone audio solution delivering dynamic audio and or visual content automatically. It will engage, entertain and educate your phone callers. Our leading edge telephony technology R&D makes sure your promotional messages get cut through rather than increasing phone call abandonment by bored callers listening to problematic: repetitive, out of date phone messages/music on hold with limited options.