August 2, 2016

On Hold Music Selected by Phone Callers. Music On Hold Services

Captivate Jukebox. On hold phone call waiting music selection by phone callers to your business.

Captivate Jukebox

On Hold Music Complaints..

… are rampant. Social Media proves just how much bad or unsuitable on hold music is disliked…

End complaints about your On Hold Music by letting phone callers choose their own on phone call waiting on hold music with Captivate Jukebox. It’s fully interactive phone music on hold.

Caller feedback indicates they want more of the music they like. Yet brands that pride themselves on being current, hip, and approachable are still playing endless loops of classical Music On Hold!

No matter how hard you try, how many focus groups you convene or how much external input you seek, there will always be a large number of phone callers who detest your music! And with social media so accessible your callers won’t hesitate to make their feelings known by flaming your business.

The best way to end complaints about On Hold music is to allow phone callers to select what THEY want to listen to.


Captivate Jukebox

Captivate has developed the perfect interactive music on hold phone call messaging solution to on hold phone call waiting messages with Captivate Jukebox.

Captivate Jukebox can be populated with a wide range of genres of music that callers can select from. The same technology can also used to allow callers to choose to listen to information about your products and services or even FAQs in line with their current needs or specific interests.Let phone callers choose on hold music

Try it for yourself right now by phoning –

in the USA, 707 706 6730, in the UK, 203 769 1770 and in Australia 08 9368 7540.