November 6, 2015

Call Waiting Phone Audio Services

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Phone call waiting onhold technology services, including phone message services have improved a lot since the days of poor quality phone audio which looped to the same boring phone message/music starting point with limited options every time a customer phoned your business/organization. Below is a summary of the various phone call waiting on hold service options Captivate Onhold automatically deliver world wide for our satisfied clients to improve their customers experience market research ratings.

Create a cohesive and effective phone messaging onhold campaign across all of your communication platforms using Captivate’s range of audio products.

Music On Hold

Branded On Hold messages that educate, inform and entertain callers being transferred and waiting On Hold.

Corporate Audio

Interactive Voice Response (IVRs), Auto-attendant, Corporate Videos, YouTube Videos, Training Modules and In-store Radio Installations.

Media Audio

TV and Radio voiceovers.

Web Audio

Viral Campaigns, Webinars, Podcasts, Web Tutorials and YouTube videos.

Voice Talent

Select from our wide range of talented voice over artists to professionally brand your corporate audio image.