Background Music and Marketing

Online In-Store - Background Music and Marketing

Audio marketing and customised audio promotions interspersed with background music for retail and hospitality environments.


Your Own Radio Station

Your company’s unique promotions and information are added to the mix, letting you advertise strategically and effectively to customers already interested in your product.


Professionally Brand Your Business

Creative scripts produced by professional voice artists and sound engineers in Captivate's digital studio makes your In-Store marketing message effective and interesting to shoppers. Create a consistently branded customer experience at every one of your sites or retail outlets.

<h3>Fast, Easy, Effective</h3>
Updates are lightning fast and easy, using the internet Captivate can change your promotional message in minutes.

Captivate On Hold's retail audio technology seamlessly integrates with all in-store public announcement systems.

<h3>Schedule Timely Messages</h3>
The system can automatically schedule your messages based on specific dates and times so the audio content is always relevant to what’s happening in your business.

<h3>Multi-Site Operation</h3>
Captivate's software is designed for companies with many sites to share a corporate playlist that can be combined with local messages to deliver a professionally branded in store experience across all levels of your business.