March 21, 2016

Music On Hold Examples


For improved customer experiences, giving phone callers to your business a choice of music on-hold which the customer likes keeps them on hold longer and therefore improves the chances to do business with them. Captivate understands that sometimes you just want great music for your call waiting on hold music.  

With other telco providers, there's a limit to the duration of the music-on-hold file you can have. This means phone callers will hear the same track over and over. With a Captivate music on hold service, there's no limit to the duration of your music-on-hold audio. By selecting a music genre, rather than the usual single track, and adding your choice of Captivates unique daily changing music and other content, you can ensure your music on hold is interactive and fresh, every day.

 If you're using just music on hold, perhaps a comfort "pre-recorded phone message' or two from our selection would be the perfect addition.

Phone Music On-hold genre examples

Captivate has over 30,000 music tracks available for your office phone music on hold in many genres. Feel free to listen to the music samples below and select your perfect on hold music match.

If you'd like more music tracks from a particular genre, contact our music-on-hold specialist.


Dramatic, builds. Strings, electric guitar, drums.

Up tempo. Drum beats, guitars. Lively, feel good, uplifting.

Heavy drums and fat bass compliment synthesizer pads and pianos. Motivated, confident.


Female vocals, guitar strums, strings, drums. Medium tempo. Encouraging, feel good

Piano, strings, drum beats. Female vocal add interest. Slow medium tempo. Inspiring, mysterious, persistence

Slow-mid tempo. Acoustic guitars, strings, soft vocals. Calm, inspirational, hopeful

Grand, heroic, orchestral, dramatic

Piano and strings over confident drums. Medium tempo. Hope, aspiration


Latin-influenced rhythms. Laid-back, cool, chill out

Dance beat, mid tempo, piano riff.

Percussive chill out groove. Warm, laid-back

Funky percussive groove, light electric piano

Slow, cool urban groove. Strings, piano


A piece with accented feel that is uptempo. Feel good, progressive, cool groove. Features piano, guitars and organ.

Carefree, fun, celebration, island feel. Percussion with a brass section and electric pianos and guitars.

Driven, fast flowing, motivated. Bright guitars and effects. Has an abrupt silence midway.


High tech electronic piece with electronic beats and effects.

Cool medium tempo groove. Atmospheric, with electronic snap beats.

Hectic, busy, pulsating. Techno electronic dance feel.

Jazz Funk 

Slow-medium tempo funk. Brass section, sax solo

Brass section, sax and bass feature. Driving rhythm. Mid tempo

Mid tempo funk. Guitar and sax feature

Cool mid-tempo jazzy groove. Trumpet solo. Laid-back, retro

Medium tempo. Brass section, sax solo. Positive


Upbeat, uplifting. Refreshing and inspiring tune in fast tempo.

Joyful experience with positive mind. Refreshing and uplifting tune. Medium tempo.

Cool, bouncy. Happy and fun times. Fast tempo.



If you'd like to sample more phone music on hold feel welcome to contact our music library manager. He's got over 30,000 music on hold tracks, offering call centres and other businesses a huge selection of legal to use phone music on-hold. With our affordable music on-hold system services you're not limited to one track looping after only a few minutes. Rather callers to your business have multiple choices of phone music on hold to choose from. ie it's an innovative interactive phone music on-hold service with lots of other phone audio options such as messages/video/ on hold, etc.

Try phone music yourself right now by phoning –

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