June 5, 2018

List On Hold Call Waiting Services


Phone call waiting onhold technology services including phone messages have come a long way since the days of poor quality phone audio which looped to the same boring starting point with limited options every time a customer called your business/organization. Below is a summary of the various phone call waiting on hold services we automatically deliver world wide for our clients to improve their customers experience market research ratings.

Music, Promotions & Content provides businesses with background music, promotional messaging and daily updating content (e.g. News, Weather and “On This Day in History”).

Content marketing messages on hold

Dynamic Auto Attendant service allows phone greeting message to be current. For example, Good morning, our breakfast specials are… and are available until 10.30am. At 10:30am, the message switches to the lunch menu automatically and at multiple locations (restaurants) world wide.

Voice Activated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) was developed to meet the demand for easier phone audio services, with 50% of all calls being made from a hand held device, the device does not need to leave the ear to guide an enquiry.

Voice Activated Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

SMS Me a Brochure sends callers a brochure mid-call via SMS. This feature also provides the business with sales leads and product testing.

SMS Me a Brochure

The Jukebox feature is the ultimate caller experience for lengthy call queues. It allows callers to select their preferred music genre while they wait on-hold.

The Survey provides the business with key data on customer experience or product knowledge during or post call.

Market survey feedback

The Call-Me-Back service eliminates the need to keep impatient phone callers on hold for long periods. Callers simply enter their name and number and will receive a call back.

Call-Me-Back service

The Quiz is a fun and interactive way to engage and entertain waiting callers while gathering caller data. Quizzes are custom made for the business.

Phone Quiz

The Report service provides businesses with an analysis of key hold data, showing time, date and duration of on hold occurrences by handset. An excellent management tool.

Phone Report

The Podcast services encourages positive customer engagement by allowing callers to listen to a podcast while on hold. By entering their mobile number they will receive the link to the podcast to hear later and the business gains valuable customer data.

Podcast services