Typical marketing channels, like the internet, are becoming less and less effective. In such a dense market, businesses are struggling to get their brand in customers’ hands. So, how do we combat these challenges?

Back in the day, businesses would print brochures to mail out to customers or for the sales team to present. But then came the internet.

The introduction of the internet was the demise of printed brochures and the rise of websites. However, like all new aged things, the internet got a little too big for its boots. Websites became too complex, too quickly – causing them to offer a “download brochure” button. How the pendulum swings…

Currently, over 70% of business transactions involve a human voice with forecasts predicting that telephony will only become more important over the next decade. With over 50% of all calls being made on a handheld device, does it not make sense to get your brochure into the mobile phone of a customer? Of course, they can then share it on social media, forward it to friends so the business is increasing the exposure of the brand and product. Do it while the customer is waiting on hold. They respond to the promotion of your new widget by entering their mobile number and in seconds they have your brand in their hand – ready to share. Be smart and ad the links to the brochure ready to share.

The tech is available now so be prepared to throw out your old message on hold system or Vivaldi and get Captivate Connect working for you to build your business, your database and customer experience.


Mark Horwood

Captivate Connect CEO