Interactive Call Waiting On-hold Phone Messages Company

Interactive Phone Call Waiting On-hold Messages Company

Interactive On Hold is an illustration of the company’s continual evolution. Now as Captivate Connect, it has innovated phone technology and adapted constantly – to the ever-changing wants and needs of business customers – since the phone services company began in 1999.

Captivate’s CEO Mark Horwood said the understanding Captivate has for their business customers lead to interactive phone on hold development.

We want to Captivate customers On Hold in an interactive way, he said.

The new service, derived from customer demand. Our customers reported they wanted a more engaging, intellectual and stimulating On Hold experience.

Telephony Services Company History

In 2002, Captivate On Hold began creating its own original creative content, making customer experiences more interesting. The firm added information such as news, weather, and sports. At the time, Captivate was the only company in the world to do this.

Since then, consumers’ needs have changed. This has led to Captivate developing a new technology that enables customers to choose their own On Hold experience for interactive on-hold phone audio.  For example, they can now choose a genre or era of music.

Captivate also identified customers were interested in learning, therefore On Hold quizzes were added to the products. Phone callers can answer questions about certain topics, as they wait for assistance.

The next step, with regards to Interactive On Hold, was to promote products for companies, while their customers were On Hold. Our recordings help teach customers about the companies they contact, as well as the services they provide. Good for brand marketing and soft sell.

This phone call waiting messaging innovation has created a fuller and more customer service-oriented experience.