December 16, 2016

Getting Started with Captivate

Tell Us About Your Business...

In order to create a customised message for you we’ll need some information.

The more information you give us, the better we’ll be able to deliver a demo that matches your brand.

We find an up-to-date website is a great source of information, so providing that is always a great idea.

We’ll use this information to create your customized script... so don’t be modest.

 You’ve Got Mail...

Within 12 business hours of receiving your request, we'll follow up via email or phone to review your information, and probably ask a few questions so that we can craft you the best demo possible.

Top tip: So that we can provide you with the best service possible, please provide your direct phone number and email contact information.

Choose Your Daily Information Updates...

With Captivate you'll get to choose from our unique daily updated content items. It's a lot like having your own radio station advertising only  your company!

Once we have your selections we'll include those into the great "live link" demo you'll receive.  The daily content included in your demo will change automatically every day.

These daily information snippets serve to engage and entertain your callers. This makes your branding and promotional information more "sticky".

Want to sample the daily content?

Listen Live...

The Scripting Team Gets to Work...

As soon as we have the information we need to create your script, the team will get to work.

With many thousands of scripts under their belts, our writers will craft your on hold messages to inform, entertain, educate and sell more.

Interested in listening to audio we have created for industries like yours? We'll be happy to provide examples during the demo process.


 Cue The Message...

Here’s the best part: listening to your customised demo!

This is where you can experience how voice, script and daily information all comes together. Within 36 business hours after you’ve sent your company information we’ll reply with a "live link" in an email for you to hear your free demo, and it changes daily! Automatically!

But that’s just the start. Once you're a Captivate, we can make any changes you want, and have your project turned around and ready within days.

Max file size is 8 MB.