March 30, 2016

Phone Messages FAQs

Phone Messages faq

Hosted Voice/Hosted PBX Phone FAQ’s

Why does my audio always start at the same place?

The audio that your callers hear is saved on your service providers platform as a static file, and is usually limited in its size. This will always play from the beginning, even in the same call. If you need to change your message or music you will also need to provide your service provider a new file for them to upload.

How is Captivate different?

Captivates unique software solution “connects” with your service providers platform and presents a “loop” of audio that plays to callers from a different point each time they are transferred or placed on hold. Additionally, there is no practical limit to the duration of audio you can have.

But, we don’t put calls on hold.

The fact is that transferred calls are put “on hold” and hear your audio while waiting to be picked up. Captivate has data showing that the average on hold time for over 900,000 calls transferred/placed on hold is 60.53 seconds.

Where do I start?

Captivate will require assistance from  your Service Provider.  An email to your Account Manager at your service provider, with copied in requesting that they work with us on your behalf is all that’s required.

 Who do I call if my messages stop playing?

Captivate delivers your audio directly into the hosted voice platform, which is then delivered out to your location(s). Email us at should you need assistance.

 Can I plan my messages in advance?

A great part of Captivates capabilities is the ability to date and time the playing of your audio in advance. So, you can email us your marketing  plan for say, the next six months, with matching audio to Captivate including start and stop dates…Captivate will upload and…job done!

How do I change my messages?

Email Captivate your revised audio or script with start and stop dates, if required

Do I get to choose my music style?

As part of the service Captivate has a library of over 30,000 standard music tracks to choose from. Email: with your preferred genre and Captivate will reply with some samples.  Alternatively you can supply us your selected tracks.

How often can I change my audio?

As often as you wish.

Can I play different messages at different locations?

Yes, Captivate can deliver different messages to different locations.

Your service is “cloud based” but where is it really?

We use data centers located Tokyo, Dallas , Cape Town, London and Perth (Western Australia).

I’ve supplied the new audio, how long until its playing?

Captivate will have the new promotions playing at the required locations the next business day.

Whom do I contact to add an additional location?

Contact Captivate first of all, and then your service provider. Your service provider will need to provide Captivate with additional information and Captivate will need to have new audio ready for
when the location opens.