November 6, 2015

Case Studies

Captivate Connect Case Studies

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure  (Aus)

NNepeanlogoEPEAN™ is Australia’s leading privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organisation. The organisation has unique capabilities to deliver high value, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s leading mining, construction and transport companies.

NEPEAN recently implemented Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) in its Building & Infrastructure division. TIPT is a complete, cloud based unified communications solution. It offered the Building & infrastructure division a low cost, high quality, scalable cloud based PBX, including a cloud based contact centre. Implementing TIPT reduced Building & Infrastructure’s ongoing fixed line telephony costs, while providing capabilities to deliver enhanced customer service.

After going live, NEPEAN encountered a limitation with the way TIPT handled music on hold.  Out of the box, TIPT would either play a default music track, or gave the option to load a single .wav file. When configured to play the .wav file the track would start from the beginning every time a caller was placed on hold. This led to frustration and customer complaints. The internal marketing department was frustrated that their message wasn’t getting out to customers, and customers were frustrated by the on hold experience.

Initially, NEPEAN turned to Telstra. Telstra’s immediate position was that it was a system limitation, and that NEPEAN would need to make peace with it.

After failing to resolve the problem with Telstra, NEPEAN turned to Captivate on Hold. Captivate on Hold provided a unique solution, implementing Dynamic Messages On Hold directly into the platform as a Managed Service. NEPEAN’s Head of IT, Andrew Honnibal, said “Captivate On Hold solved the one limitation we encountered with TIPT, and did what Telstra said couldn’t be done. Thanks to their technical creativity we solved a major issue causing customer dissatisfaction with our phone system”.

ABN Group  (Aus)

ABN Group is Australia’s leading construction, property and finance company. As a group, they operate 23 brands, ranging from new home design and construction, commercial property development, property finance,  real estate development and more. An opportunity was identified to reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies through the Accella telephony platform (based on BroadWorks) provided by Primus. Early on the ABN ICT team identified that in order to retain the excellent customer service the group were renowned for, there would be a need to change the static Music On Hold audio files often. Obviously having callers hear the same audio over and over was not in ABN’s best interests.

This presented a challenge: quite simply the number of ABN brands currently using the Captivate On Hold service meant a huge investment in ICT hours to upload changes.  One phone call from Michael Poland, Team Leader at ABN IT, enquiring about Captivate’s advanced dynamic solution was all it took. Captivate engaged with Primus engineering and together we had the solution implemented and running the following day. That was the first brand. Captivate now manage each brand’s Music On Hold as they are added to the platform and operating on the same day.

Using our unique deviceless solution we present the ABN voice platform with a loop of  content. The audio loop updates daily, automatically, at every site, simultaneously. When marketing need to make a change or update their messages Captivate manage the entire process for them. There’s no need for IT intervention, which saves ABN on overheads.  They love us!


Major Motors (Aus)

Major Motors is an institution in West Australia’s motor vehicle industry with a lineage that can be traced back to 1934. Proudly a family owned business, Major Motors is one of the country’s biggest Isuzu dealers with a continual commitment to its customers.

The four Major Motors’ truck sales and service sites had outgrown their existing telephone system and were keen to modernise their communications. They employed Australia’s Telstra to provision Telstra’s TIPT, a branded BroadWorks solution.

As a 15 year client of Captivate On Hold, Major Motors were using Captivates managed Message On Hold service to best effect as part of their overall caller experience. This included the inclusion of branded radio adverts and personal messages recorded in our local studio. As a vehicle sales dealership – they have many sales, service and parts staff. All calls to the dealership are answered by reception and transferred to a staff member. This means that callers are often placed on hold multiple times in a single call. Whilst callers are seldom on hold for more than 30 seconds at a time, the basic nature of the TIPT On Hold meant that callers were hearing the same 30 seconds of audio every time.

Comments followed about the now repetitive and never changing On Hold callers now heard. Many callers asked what had happened to the “great on hold” they used to have. Callers were used to hearing their daily content – automatically updated items like On This Day, News, Sports and Weather.

Major Motors sought Captivate’s assistance to rectify the basic on hold in the platform. By using their proprietary software Captivate is able to point the On Hold request from  TIPT to the Captivate Content server. This then delivers a “loop” of audio which the caller joins at a random point every time they are placed on hold. Additionally the solution provides audio with an extended duration loop,  meaning that frequent callers are less likely to hear the same audio twice.

Dowdens’ Pumping and Water Treatment (Aus)

As Queensland’s (Australia) leading pumping and water treatment organisation, Dowdens provide capabilities and expertise to customers through purpose engineered solutions that ensure greater productivity and give a market advantage.

With geographically diverse branches in Mackay, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Proserpine plus a representative in Townsville the need to streamline telecommunications, both internal and external, became a requisite part of the business’ growth strategy. After much research Rod Robinson, Group ICT Manager, awarded Telstra the contract to implement their BroadWorks based TIPT solution across suitable sites.

This however presented Rod with a challenge. As part of Dowdens customer service convention the company has a blanket ban on voicemail. All calls are answered by a receptionist in the traditional style and are transferred to the appropriate person. Many times this means placing a caller on hold more than once within the same call. The TIPT On Hold did not meet the high service standards that Dowdens customers had come to expect.

Rods’ call to Captivate resulted in the group moving their On Hold for the TIPT sites to the dynamic solution. Captivate On Hold, working with the Group Marketing Manager, scripted, recorded, and uploaded the new On Hold files ready to play. With Rod’s input the solution was fully implemented and playing the new dynamic audio files in just three days. This means callers hear dynamic audio that updates daily AND does not start from the same time every time.

“Whilst we saw all the inherent business improvement available through the use of TIPT, that one downside of the On Hold Messages playing from the same point every time was a problem we needed to solve”, said Rod. “Captivate came to the rescue for us, and their service and support has been excellent.”


ADVTech Group (SA)

The ADVTech group of companies in South Africa consists of seven unique brands spread over 15 National sites. The group moved over to BroadWorks in 2013 and by default were utilising the basic Music On Hold capabilities in the platform.

This meant that the IT department had to administer the Music On Hold as well as balance the day to day IT support demands of a large, geographically diverse business. Getting messages uploaded to the platform on time proved problematic. This resulted in some branches still playing Xmas messaging in May. Brand managers raised concerns about the now static audio, since callers being placed On Hold (sometimes more than once during the same call) were consistently being exposed to the start of the audio message every time they were placed on hold.

ADVTech soon realised that having to upload Music/Messages On Hold manually into the platform was far from ideal. Caller experience and brand integrity were being compromised due to internal processes preventing timeous manual message changes. Historically the service ADVTech marketing department had received from Captivate On Hold in South Africa required no input from their IT department.

ADVTech management asked Captivate On Hold for a solution as their BroadSoft provider in South Africa could not offer anything but “lift music”. ADVTech required informative, engaging and promotional branded messages as they had previously enjoyed through Captivate.

Captivate On Hold implemented the dynamic solution for ADVTech’s Cassell & Company. Installation was very simple and involved a 2 minute setup on the BroadWorks platform by the telecommunication company’s Engineering team.

Now that Captivate supply the audio to BroadWorks as a loop callers hear current promotions and the Music On Hold no longer starts from the beginning every time. With all Captivate On Hold solutions, no IT input is required to update the Marketing promotions.

ADVTech management is delighted that Captivate On Hold’s dynamic audio solution for BroadWorks solves the two major issues affecting their brand experience and has authorised their remaining branches to be converted to Captivates dynamic solution.

Internet Solutions had no problems integrating the service. Captivate had shown that the service is fully BroadSoft accredited making the technical authorisation process unnecessary.

When ADVTech want to update their marketing messages, Captivate handles everything;

  • Scripting,
  • Recording,
  • Uploading,
  • Scheduling.


HiFi Corporation (SA)

HiFi Corporation’s Secunda branch in South Africa has been using the Captivate On Hold dynamic solution on their BroadWorks platform for the past 13 months through MTN South Africa.

Four site-specific, branded, promotional messages are automatically changed every week plus magazine-style content such as news, weather, sports updates and environmental tips with no staff input. Plus, the audio quality is consistently commented on by callers as being markedly superior.

Amazingly, Captivate On Hold automatically implements a total of 3328 audio files per annum for the HiFi Corporation. Imagine the cost savings by using Captivate’s automation solutions. Apart from the initial implementation there is no ongoing input required from the HiFi Corp IT staff or their BroadSoft vendor MTN. This makes the Captivate On Hold solution every marketing/brand managers dream. The Captivate On Hold solution also has an up-time of 100%, having not failed during 13 months in service at HiFi Corp Secunda.