Don’t Be Bullied by Your Telco


Major carriers used the threat of the upcoming “copper cut-off” to approach Captivate On Hold. As a business with one foot firmly in the technology camp we were able to sort our own cost effective solution for telephony on the NBN once it arrived in Burswood, Western Australia.

The following is an exerpt from a recent article in CRN Magazine featuring a Captivate reseller, Novum Networks. It struck a chord with us.

Read on and be informed…

“Brisbane-headquartered telephony provider Novum Networks is showing small business customers how to avoid costly PBX rip-and-replace investments being touted by large carriers.

Rohan Milne, chief executive of Novum, said large carriers such as Telstra and Optus had been using the impending arrival of the National Broadband Network in regional towns to convince users they needed to invest in expensive NBN-compliant phone systems or risk losing connectivity after the copper network was switched off.

He called it “a fallacy”.

“We are getting a bit fed up with the big carriers because they are going in and bullying small customers saying, ‘You need to buy this.'”

In a case with one Western Australian customer, Novum found that a tier-one carrier had sold a new system that was identical to the client’s old system, with the exception of a $300 IP card.

Milne said rather than spend $10,000 for a 60-month rental of a new phone system, customers could make a one-off $1,500 investment in a Patton IAD device.

“That means we can deliver our NBN service to any business customer in Australia, regardless of the hardware and software they already have in place.”

“The myth about the copper being cut off – it is only being cut off for PSTN services. If you have ISDN services for business services, it is not being cut off because the NBN  is not a business-grade service. There aren’t business-grade SLAs being offered.”

Novum partner Samsons Communications has just completed the first Patton IAD proof-of-concept for a client in Toowoomba, which was one of the first towns to get the NBN and has already seen some copper services switched off.”

So, if you’re a Captivate customer looking at an upcoming “copper cut off” date or maybe you just want to take advantage of the reduced cost of IP telephony ask us for a recommendation. First.