Phone Call Onhold Business Unique Selling Proposition – Be Different


5 changes that will make a big difference with your Business Unique Selling Preposition via On Hold messages

  1. Cut out the “corporate speak” – remember, you are communicating with potential clients and customers, not corporate investors or business associates, the use of large corporate sounding words makes for hard listening – keep it real and down to earth so your brand relates better to the “every man”.
  2. Make sure that the information you convey to callers is educational and informative, statements like “Union widgets are the best thing since sliced bread” is considered too common a statement and is mentally disregarded as overt self praise – rather include a simple statistic to qualify any self praise statement – like “Union widgets are better– because only Union produce widgets in every conceivable colour”.
  3. Keep your message On Hold promo’s to 20 seconds or less each, you can have 15 – 20 of them so short promos are more likely to be remembered. Callers have a very limited attention span whilst waiting on hold. Provide only the facts and don’t incorporate too many of those facts into one promo. Callers do not have eidetic memories – lists of phone numbers or names of staff members to ask for will be lost when the operator eventually takes the call.
  4. Whilst most marketing departments are confident that they “know what our callers want”, this is a fallacy. Unless your callers are from Mars and you are the only Martian interpreter on Earth – Take the advice of a professional On Hold service provider. Good ones are heavily invested in caller experience. On Hold messaging is very different to traditional forms of advertising. Communicate “with” your callers rather than talking “at” your callers – it makes for a more personal experience. Your On Hold messaging is about brand perception, not hard core sales.
  5. Find a messaging vendor that incorporates regular daily changes into your On Hold messages stream. Callers will listen more attentively and your messaging will be easier to absorb. People are exposed to rich media experiences every waking hour of their day – a boring and repetitive corporate message will not hold their attention at all.


Discover the power of dynamically branded On Hold messaging. It’s far too expensive to rent a 3 minute audio loop that never changes and adds no value in our media rich society. Ask for a free demo or trial today.