Is your phone system ready for when ASIC mandate call recording? Does it have the capability to interrogate, anaylse and manage this data?

At a recent symposium held in Melbourne in September 2019, ASIC Chairman, James Shipton commented on the work ASIC and the government was doing to promote better consumer outcomes to consumers – especially in the financial services sector.

”ASIC can see a future where artificial intelligence including machine learning, text analytics, voice analytics, and other technologies are a seamless component of financial services firms’ business models. A future where firms can record, store and analyse all communications with consumers using these tools. This would provide firms with near to real-time insights, as well as after-the-fact insights on quality and compliance. We believe this can in turn aid strategic business insight analysis and training and development, and improve risk and compliance outcomes at scale – with greater efficiency and at a reduced cost.” – James Shipton (Chairman)

Captivate Connect believes that businesses who come to compliance kicking and screaming, will be disadvantaged due to our current litigious society and the prevalence of ill-will in the minds of the consumer; driven predominantly by thrill-seeking media.

Call recording is technology available to all businesses, it doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company. However, what is the point of call recording unless we have the dedicated resources to interrogate the data received?

Captivate Connect sells and installs the best speech analytics technology. We use AI in our call recording and caller sentiment features to monitor the words used by your staff and the customer. Harnessing the power of AI from Google, Siri and Amazon, we are able to recognise the mood of the customer to build better relationships while recording the calls for compliance – moving from a compliance expense to marketing investment. Select key identifier words to measure marketing campaign success, use call recordings to monitor and assess staff training requirements, comply with current regulations, and be advised of any negative customer experiences.

Now that ASIC is about to mandate call recording, beat your competitors and start improving your customer experience now!


Mark Horwood,

Captivate Connect CEO

(08) 9368 7500