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02 JUNE 2017

20% of shoppers need to validate their choices.

Understand the emotions that drive shopping.


A very interesting paper by Kane Simms entitled, ‘The 8 Emotional States That Influence Purchase Decisions’ concludes that most purchase decisions are emotional.

The emotional states identified by Simms, and their respective importance in terms of percentage of shoppers influenced, are as follows:

Needs validation – 20%
Decision anxiety – 17%
I’m special – 16%
Got to be the first – 12%
Know it all – 11%
Buy and be done – 10%
Want some fun – 9%
Avoid remorse – 9%

Needs Validation shoppers are driven by a need to validate their choices. Decision anxiety relates to shoppers feeling overwhelmed.

Some shoppers just need to feel special and unique, while others need to feel superior by being the first. We have all met ‘know it alls’ who want to be seen as a leader or expert.

Some people respond to choice overload and frustration by making a purchase and others enjoy the ‘fun of shopping’ (whatever that is). Some shoppers view shopping as a chore and just select the easiest option.

Clearly, any individual may be impacted by one, many, or none of these drivers.

The impact can vary according to the product category and circumstances.

Notwithstanding this, it is clear that:
Emotions not directly related to the product may impact purchase behaviour
Most purchases are impacted by a range of emotions, and emotions are often more important than cognition
Marketers would do well to understand emotional drivers and the impact they can have on behaviour
Understand the emotions that drive shopping.


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