Customer Profiles – If you are a Maasai Warrior or an Amazonian head hunter… Press 1

The transformation of telecommunications toward the mobile/virtual space has made a massive impact on the lives of each and every person on the planet. Well, every person? Take your average Maasai warrior in the remotest regions of Kenya, or a solitary tribe of cannibals in a South American rainforest. Not only does the tribe have a basic mobile phone to call, text or convey news over larger distances, a lot of remote tribes today use internet banking, or apps for cattle grazing.

More diversified groups use communication devices and are now being exposed to the corporate “race to the grave” for more customers to use whichever service or product the unwary warrior might stumble upon in the comm’s space. This means that companies are now interfacing with a broader range of “customer profiles” than the days of yore.

Technological Advances

Ordinary folk are catching up to technology quickly, and companies are proving slow to adapt to the changing demographics of their “new entrant” customers. while corporates do stay slightly ahead in technology, their Achilles heel is their inability to utilise the technology effectively to interface on the basic human level . An example of this would be telecomm’s themselves. So, Kumba the Maasai warrior calls his local cell provider and is placed on hold for technical. Poor Kumba’s initial exposure to “cellphones r us” is the alien screeching howl of asterisk’s generic Music On Hold or the awful urban  sound of Cisco’s clap clap song with the over used “your call is important to us”. Perhaps the smooth tones of Lift Muzak or the hard sell voiceover campaign where the
corporate jargon runs so fast it’s like a maglev train smash of information. The information overload that marketing can’t remember, nor the caller effectively absorb let alone tolerate – never mind poor Kumba – who  has a spear and knows how to use it.

Look beyond the Stereotypes and Deconstruct Your Customer Profiles

How does one create a caller experience that covers a wide customer profile and keeps callers actively listening when they are transferred , in queue, or waiting on hold for any period of time?

  • Music ? Not everyone has the same taste in music … unless its Elvis
  • Silence? Only 2% of respondents in a 2007 Captivate On Hold survey prefer silence
  • Company promotions? Only if presented in a way that is interesting, resonates with the caller and comes across as caller focussed, caring and attentive, without the words “call”, “important”, “patient” and “shortly”
  • Radio? Callers hear unrelated and disjointed information, depressing bad news, competitor advertising, or the worst of all – Justin Bieber.

How to be relevant and engaging to Harvard Graduates, Housewives, Maasai warriors, and Amazonian head hunters?

Easy! Captivate On Hold’s mix of lightly presented company information interspersed with topical magazine type content which changes automatically daily.

A local weather report , water saving tip, some good news or a 10 second history lesson, all wrapped into a professionally voiced  corporate informational experience that is fun food for the brain, minimises negative emotions, engages completely, and presents corporate info in a way that is more easily absorbed by callers regardless of their demographic.

Captivate On Hold is the number one Music On Hold pick in Africa, Europe, United Kingdom, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand  – and with a shiny new 100% market share in the Faroe Islands – We’ve just added Eskimos to the list of world cultures who choose Captivate On Hold. Deconstruct your customer profiles and tailor the caller experience to suit.