Customer Loyalty

Are you satisfied? When asked this question, naturally, our minds wander to situations we are most vulnerable. However, would you think differently if it was business-related? Of course, it would! In business, your mind immediately thinks about sales, ratings, website traffic or possibly tax deductions. Now, eliminate the uncontrollable elements and focus on customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty stems from the emotional connection between a company and the customer. A connection that is similar to that of a successful marriage. Lasts through thick and thin; good times and the bad; and is always open to honest communication. After all, communication is key and vital to the success of any relationship. Failure to effectively communicate causes cracks in the foundation and, inevitably, causes the other person to walk away.

As a businessman, I know companies are continuously communicating with consumers via e-newsletters, text messages, and surveys. Yet, as a consumer, I also know that there’s an overload of marketing material traveling across the same marketing channels. Last year the average survey completion rate was 33% and has since declined dramatically. As every company around the world is conducting surveys, you have got to wonder, are any of them actually getting results? Consumers are time-poor, spending every minute completely tasks that are of value to them. Besides, I don’t think the responsibility should fall solely on the respondent. Nor do I believe that there isn’t a bias sway.

A busy lifestyle is the root cause of consumers rarely completing customer surveys. To combat this, companies can incentivise consumers for their time (at a cost) or simply conduct surveys during the time wasted on hold. During the call wait time, your audience is captive and listening – the perfect time for connection. Captivate Connect boasts a 41% completion rate during their phone surveys.

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Mark Horwood

Captivate Connect CEO