Content Marketing! Audio Content Marketing

CONTENT MARKETING, Content is king!

Which TV station would you tune into?

Channel AB – Interesting programming with no advertising.

Channel AC –Targeted programming that interested you and some ads targeted to your needs?

Channel AD – A station where there was nothing of interest to watch but lots of adverts one after another?

TV stations place their advertising in shows (content) that will appeal to their target.

The same applies to the radio stations in your car. You choose the radio station that plays the music (content) you like and the ads are OK because they are relevant to your demographic.

Radio Top 40 – may appeal to the 15 to 39 year olds and the advertising will be targeted to that demographic and is relevant to them, like cars, adventure tourism, alcohol and cosmetics.

Radio Classic hits of the 60s and 70’s – will appeal to the baby boomers and the advertisers are more likely to be in Cruises through Europe, Retirement Villages and Camper / Caravan sales

With TV and radio – you can change channels. Or you can record and playback a TV program and fast forward through the ads, or choose to pay a service like Spotify to get rid of the ads in your music.

What about when you are On Hold?

Unless the company has Captivate Jukebox – you are stuck with what they give you. With most On-Hold phone services, you hear no interesting or informative content – just lift music or lift music with promotions about the company you are calling.  You cannot change stations if you don’t like what you hear.  All you can do is either hang up and call someone else OR get angry listening to phone muzak. We’ve all done that!

What DO callers want when they’re phone call waiting on hold?

In May 2016 a market survey was conducted by Retail Audio Marketing Pty Ltd of 1000 businesses – The survey asked what content they preferred between their corporate promotions.

The results were interesting…

  • 94% were fans of “On this Day in History”
  • 66% chose the News Headlines
  • 44% liked Capital City weather
  • 39% wanted Daily Sports News
  • 26% selected Finance as interesting to their callers
  • 24% preferred no content items.


Conclusion: If your On Hold service has none of these content items – you are disappointing a huge 76% of your customers.  

In media parlance, having your company promotions between the news and weather is parallel to “prime time” TV, radio or newspaper placements.  

The survey also indicated that 92% of respondents considered that professionally produced  IVRs (Interactive Voice Recordings) or Auto-Attendant greetings showed professionalism.

Phone Captivate’s on-hold’s message and music services today for a sample of how good your on hold phone audio options can be.