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Cloud based digital signage – the latest in cloud based communication

On a recent trip to the Margaret River region of WA, I noted that of the various venues I visited, 15 of the 17 digital signage screens were switched off. After doing some reconnaissance I found most businesses just don’t have the time or expertise to keep their digital signage up to date with fresh and relevant content. And good luck pushing updated content to all sites across the vast expanses of Australia, let alone the world.

Digital Signage

Captivate Visual

This is where Captivate Visual comes in. Finally there is a digital signage platform that allows users to connect a variety of digital signage hardware devices using all recent versions of  iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. Captivate Visual offersflexible, easy, real-time publishing with low operational costs. Coupled with the latest Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSP) displays, the system even enables the complete control of the displays including on/off and volume control remotely. The fast deployment capabilities truly utilises the scalability of your network.

The software is cloud based allowing users to “register” displays on their account to publish content and also allows you to easily create layouts for multiple device resolutions and orientations. Winning!

The Benefits of cloud based digital signage


Update as many screens, in as many locations as you need, in an instant. Don’t email files, post DVDs, or rely on staff to make the change. If you have menu content that changes frequently, you can update this from a CSV file rather than manually altering the GUI.


Schedule the rotation of feeds between morning, afternoon and evening. Captivate Visual lets you schedule specific information to be displayed at set times, automatically. Dynamic data integration is supported natively with options like RSS feeds, weather, time/date, bookings, CSV integration and optional bespoke plugins


Drag and drop provides complete intuitive control over your digital signage network.


Case study

Recently Captivate were approached by long time client the ABN Group about a digital signage challenge they faced in the new Busselton Super Centre. They needed a reliable way to keep the content on the displays up to date from head office in Perth, hundreds of kilometres away. Bandwidth was limited so streaming was out. USBs and DVDs had proven problematic due to the need for staff involvement. Captivate presented to ABN’s Marketing and IT, and showed how content could be published real-time from Perth to Busselton in seconds. The ABN Group purchased services for each brand represented in the Super Centre, Celebration Homes, Dale Alcock Homes and The Homebuyers Centre.