Closed for Christmas? Let Phone Callers Know Business Open Closed Holiday Dates

Christmas phone messages


If you’re in the customer service game and every business is, in some capacity, it’s important to thank clients for their support.
After all, it’s because of them that you’re all still here to celebrate another festive season. You’re grateful; we’re grateful; everyone’s grateful. Right?Christmas seasons greeting open closed holiday messages
We do it every year and we’re doing it again. Personalised on hold Christmas messages.
Our job is to make them unique, fun and creative so that you sound genuine.
See, Christmas isn’t so bad after all.
Haven’t got enough on your plate? Here’s a few more authentic ideas to impress clients this Christmas:

Hand-write a card, they make every word count.
Spend some 1 on 1 time with a client and reconnect, you may even find their goals have changed.
Start a loyalty program.
Treat a far away customer to coffee or even better, throw a festive party!

OR you could personalise your Christmas message to callers, thanking them and letting them know the dates you’re away, sipping bevvies on the beach.
Either way, Captivate will help you express your appreciation for their business in 2015. Contact your Account Manager today!