Centrelink’s 42 Million Calls Unanswered: Captivate On Hold is Here to Help ‘If we can’t reduce your abandoned call rate, Captivate will refund our fees!’

Perth-based technology company, Captivate On Hold, is volunteering its caller engagement expertise to help Centrelink weather a crisis in unanswered calls – 42 million in 10 months, according to evidence presented at a Federal Government Senate Estimates Committee. The already-fragile Centrelink’s reputation has been collapsing under media reports of dismal customer service performance. More than[…]

D. John Carlson’s Thought of the Day

THOUGHT OF THE DAY 02 JUNE 2017 20% need to validate their choices. Understand the emotions that drive shopping.   A very interesting paper by Kane Simms entitled, ‘The 8 Emotional States That Influence Purchase Decisions’ concludes that most purchase decisions are emotional. The emotional states identified by Simms, and their respective importance in terms[…]

Captivate welcomes 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, Arizona.

Captivate had a referral from Vonage Business regarding a recently signed customer, 1st Pet Veterinary Centers in Arizona. “We recently changed to Vonage as our VOIP provider.  We have been using our own on-hold-messaging for years.  Now with Vonage we have just learned the limitations of Broadworks. 🙁   We have three 24-hr Veterinary Hospitals[…]

Work and Charity – CEO Mark Horwood’s Melbourne trip

Captivate on Hold CEO Mark Horwood visited Melbourne in early April this year. The purpose of the trip was to catch up with a few interesting and passionate clients, Broadsoft’s Communications agency and charity work. He met Access4, a BroadSoft reseller, which is a renowned Unified Communications solutions reseller based out of Victoria and with[…]

Interactive: An Illustration of the Captivate On Hold’s Continual Evolution

Interactive On Hold is an illustration of the company’s continual evolution, as Captivate On Hold has innovated and adapted constantly – to the ever-changing wants and needs of customers – since it began in 1999. Captivate On Hold CEO Mark Horwood said the understanding Captivate has for their customers lead Interactive on Hold’s development. We[…]

Interactive On Hold 7 Days from Launching

New Innovative On Hold Product Completes Interoperability Testing With the BroadSoft BroadWorks® Call Control Platform   PERTH: Western Australian technology company, Captivate On Hold – a global leader in hosted telephony add-on services – is in the final stages of developing Interactive On Hold, which has successfully completed interoperability testing with the BroadSoft BroadWorks call control platform.

Four clichés about On Hold messages you should avoid

Four clichés about On Hold messages you should avoid: Thanking the caller. People don’t want your thanks; they want you to answer their call. By thanking them for calling or holding, you simply patronise and aggravate them. Remember, a happy caller leads to a happy call (and thereby a sale). Using industry jargon. Unless your[…]

Mark Horwood Captivate On Hold

Captivate on Hold founded 21 Years Ago Above a Bakery in South Perth

About Mark Captivate On Hold CEO Mark Horwood is an ideas man and has run businesses in Perth, Western Australia, for more than 40 years. He began his professional life studying Electrical Engineering from Curtin University, had a stint as a public servant and later worked for Belgian industrial group Schneider Empain. Mark has also been a Roy Weston[…]

BroadSoft Technical Connect 2016, Melbourne Australia.

You may recall from my first post that that 33% of the personnel at BroadSoft are in engineering roles. BroadSofts’ focus on engineering means that continual improvement to deliver better outcomes for their customers and end users is part of their culture. Some observations… Of all the Day 2 presentations I viewed the one by Mark Kushnir,[…]