Caller Sentiment


Caller Sentiment – making consumers your first priority! Certainly, it’s simple to measure output, sales, logistics, and cash flow in a business. Similarly, it’s also easy for a business to measure the intelligence quotient (IQ) of staff members. Yet, they have difficulty measuring emotional intelligence and emotional connection (caller sentiment) with their callers. Research shows[…]

Shops Maldives in-store radio

Sonee Sports Store, Maldives Islands

Based in Male, Maldives, Sonee Sports uses Captivate’s in-store radio solution to enhance customer experience and engagement. Our valued client of over six years, Sonee Sports has been using Captivate‘s in-store radio style solution for announcing promos and specials that are updated monthly, along with other interesting content including ‘this day in history’. This in-store radio[…]

Unanswered business phone calls problem solution

Centrelink’s Millions of Unanswered Phone Calls

42 Million Unanswered Phone Calls to Centrelink Captivate is here to help solve the problem of Centrelink’s unanswered phone calls. ‘If we can’t reduce your phone call abandoned (phone hang up) rate, Captivate will refund our fees!’ Perth-based technology company, Captivate, is volunteering its caller engagement expertise to help Australia’s wealfare angency Centrelink weather a crisis[…]

Call waiting messages on-hold for veterinary clinic hospital America

1st Pet Veterinary Clinic, Arizona, America

PHONE CALL WAITING, VETERINARY CLINIC AMERICA Captivate had a referral from Vonage Business regarding a recently signed customer, 1st Pet Veterinary Clinic in Arizona, America. “We recently changed to Vonage as our VOIP provider.  We have been using our own on-hold-messaging for years.  Now with Vonage we have just learned the limitations of Broadworks. 🙁[…]

Phone Call Onhold Business Unique Selling Proposition – Be Different

MESSAGES/MUSIC ONHOLD – BUSINESS USP 5 changes that will make a big difference with your Business Unique Selling Preposition via On Hold messages Cut out the “corporate speak” – remember, you are communicating with potential clients and customers, not corporate investors or business associates, the use of large corporate sounding words makes for hard listening –[…]

Phone Caller on hold Experience

Phone Caller Experience

Phone Caller Customer Experience Case Study World-leading Cloud-based On Hold phone technology can report On Hold usage on BroadSoft’s BroadWorks based platforms. For this example, we chose a US client using our service through BroadWorks,  Hosted PBX, delivered by MetTel. The end user is a specialist medical consulting group based in New York. Phone Call Waiting[…]

BroadSoft Technical Connect, Australia

 BroadSoft’s Technical Connect, Melbourne Australia. You may recall from my first post that 33% of the personnel at BroadSoft are in engineering roles. BroadSofts’ focus on engineering means that continual improvement to deliver better outcomes for their customers and end users is part of their culture. Some observations… Of all the Day 2 presentations I viewed, the one[…]

IVR and Auto Attendants

IVR and Auto-Attendants Deliver the best experience to inbound callers – Captivate On Hold’s IVRs are designed and tested to be clear, efficient and user-friendly to prevent call abandons and increase customer retention.   Professional Copywriting Direct callers fast and effectively with our IVR scripts, on hold messages, menu prompts and call flow directions.   Voice Over Artists Choose[…]

Background Music and Marketing

Online In-Store – Background Music and Marketing Audio marketing and customised audio promotions interspersed with background music for retail and hospitality environments.   Your Own Radio Station Your company’s unique promotions and information are added to the mix, letting you advertise strategically and effectively to customers already interested in your product.   Professionally Brand Your Business[…]


TIPT – Dynamic Music On Hold, Fix Problems

On-Hold Messages on TIPT (BroadWorks Platform) Captivate On Hold offers the only daily updating, dynamic on hold phone messaging service available in the world. And yes, it works with TIPT and other hosted telephony systems. The fastest expanding hosted telephony platform in Australia is Telstra’s TIPT – Telstra Internet Protocol Telephony. Captivate On Hold foresaw[…]

Cloud PBX

Hosted PBX, On Hold Messages, Cloud PBX

On Hold Messages for Hosted PBX and VoIP Platforms Captivate Connect offers the only daily automatic updating call waiting, on hold messaging service available in the world. Captivate On Connects’s patented solution delivers an integrated dynamic phone audio service to any VoIP, IP or PBX platform. No need for USB’s or digital players as our[…]

Voice Products

Voice Products Create a cohesive and effective voice over campaign across all of your communication platforms.   Corporate Audio Interactive Voice Respondent (IVRs), Auto-attendant, Corporate Videos, YouTube Videos, Training Modules and In store Installations. Media Audio TV and Radio voiceovers.   Web Audio YouTube videos, Viral Campaigns, Webinars, Podcasts and Web Tutorials.   Voice Talent Our[…]