Captivating the Caller in Business Telephony

Disruption is the new norm in business globally. Uber and AirBNB have changed the transport and accommodation industries. The Internet changed the telephony carrier from voice over the analogue copper line network to digital voice using data – and it’s sending the PABX to the recycling bin. The days when you went to a telephone company for a business telephony system have gone.

In 2016, modern telephony is done via the cloud. Hosted IP telephony allows greater flexibility, virtually no capital cost and pay as you use – all at a fraction of the total cost of ownership of the old systems.

When Captivate first started in the On Hold business, we installed expensive digital hardware to play audio in a loop to waiting callers. Manufacturers knew that businesses wanted callers to hear something a lot better than the Greensleeves chimes when on hold and gradually included audio input capabilities.

As IP telephony took over, the technology was designed by IT – clever but inexperienced in customer requirements. The IT guys developed a place for the client to upload a static audio file. Good thinking? No. The problem is that the static audio file plays from the beginning each time a caller is placed On Hold, which can be many times in a single call.

Click HERE to experience what the end caller puts up with until Captivate comes along.

Captivate’s dedicated and talented R&D team spent three years developing and perfecting an On Hold solution that overcomes the issue with repetitive audio.

So without any expensive hardware, callers are again hearing informative educational and entertaining On Hold.

Long live the consumer. If your On Hold is boring or repetitious, make your Telco call Captivate On Hold –  better still YOU call and we’ll fix it in a day! +61 9368 7500 and ask for Mr Fix IT.


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