April 19, 2018

Phone Call Waiting


Does your office phone call waiting audio:

  1. always starts from the beginning
  2. is boring
  3. is out of date, eg Christmas phone message in February
  4. is NOT interactive:
    1. Not giving callers a choice of what they want to hear when they want, while at the same time..
    2. Capturing valuable phone caller data for remarketing.

.. then your business/organization might need affordable phone call waiting services from the call waiting experts at Captivate Connect. Contact them now for a free demonstration of their award-winning, innovative services which harness the phone technology of the world leading, cloud-based, phone system software provider – Broadsoft. Captivate Connect is an authorized phone solutions partner of Broadsoft.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUfBd3x_0tQ[/embedyt]


When considering advantages of updating to the latest office phone technology remember your new phone system is:

  1. Being a cloud-based call waiting service can be configured, updated and maintained from anywhere in the world. Eg while you’re out of the office on vacation.
  2. Being an interactive call waiting service keeps your customer on hold longer. Don’t lose a sale to bored phone customer hanging up after boring, repetitive call waiting audio. Captivate keeps your clients captivated longer before they connect with your business/organization.
  3. Entertain, inform (maybe things to do, what’s on, company information – soft sell, more customer data collection), listen to a podcast of the customers’ choice, phone call data reports, watch a video on hold, see information on your website. All these call waiting service options and more are waiting to improve the customer experience for your business and help reinforce brand recognition of your business.
  4. Optional creative call waiting script writing.
  5. Makes full use of improvements in digital office technology. If your business is or has switched from analog copper phone lines to high-speed internet access (HSIA) via digital fiber-optic lines, then your business/office manager needs to know (please share this page with your office manager) that there is so much more that can be done with HSIA than fast web page loading. The SIGNIFICANT improvement in your business phone systems will amaze you with:
    1. Crystal clear phone communications
    2. More interactive phone call waiting options
    3. Cheaper phone calls
    4. Unified communications (UC) options
  6. Optional creative call waiting content production. For example using a selection of voice talent reading your or our phone script in our professional sound studio, project managed by our sound production engineers.
    Business phone call waiting services

    Our sound engineer, sound studio manager and voice talent manager Ray Clark, helping voice talent produce creative call waiting on hold phone messages at Captivate‘s Australian sound studios.