Caller Sentiment

Caller Sentiment – making consumers your first priority!

Certainly, it’s simple to measure output, sales, logistics, and cash flow in a business. Similarly, it’s also easy for a business to measure the intelligence quotient (IQ) of staff members. Yet, they have difficulty measuring emotional intelligence and emotional connection (caller sentiment) with their callers. Research shows a direct correlation between customers’ feelings and their loyalty to a brand. Take Apple as an example, they have invested millions of dollars into creating and developing a rapport with their consumers. Apple users trust the brand and its products because of the strong connection built and nurtured.

Do you work on building strong relationships and have the tools in place to measure the success of the brand-customer connection?

Here are three tedious, ill-effective and costly tools a business could do to measure the brand-customer connection.

  1. Send a sales representative to survey every customer to identify their feelings towards the business.
  2. Conduct a survey via email or text, however, this method typically only has a 1.5% completion rate.
  3. Employ a PR firm to conduct focus groups of sample customers.

Why not measure the brand-customer connection using caller sentiment at half the cost?

Using AI technology, we can now interrogate, analyze and report on caller interactions with a business. This means a business can understand the emotions expressed (caller sentiment) by consumers calling into the business. The technology also allows businesses to monitor:

  1. The number of times a competitor’s name is mentioned.
  2. Current specials on promotion; and, most importantly.
  3. Any foul or aggressive language used during the call.

However, companies have also found the AI capability as the perfect training tool. Being able to review sales and support calls, helps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Organisations continually look for new tools to improve customer experience and a new phone system with caller sentiment is a no brainer.

“What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, and what gets rewarded gets repeated”

Finally, let’s walk in the shoes of a consumer calling a business. Is the IVR | welcome message easy to navigate? Does the phone system have the capability of sending callers a product brochure?

Above all, pull ahead of your competitors by contacting Captivate Connect to get started improving your business today.


Mark Horwood

Captivate Connect CEO