December 12, 2016

BroadWorks Best Phone Messaging OnHold

BroadSoft provides Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration services to operators all over the world. BroadWorks helps operators to provide unified communications services needed by enterprise customers globally. By its very nature of being a multi-tenanted platform, the music on hold (MoH) and phone messaging onhold capabilities are basic.

Messages on hold hosted voice

The biggest challenge faced by BroadWorks users is that the platform plays the saved phone audio from the BEGINNING EVERY TIME a phone caller is placed on hold.

Captivate’s software connects a service provider’s BroadWorks environment to the secure Captivate Content Manager Platform. This “connection” allows Captivate to deliver a “loop” of audio that callers will hear from a DIFFERENT point each time they are placed on hold…plus there is no limit to the duration of phone messages. No more 4 minute files…

Captivate On Hold’s solution is the perfect enhancement for BroadWorks, helping users achieve new levels of caller satisfaction/customer experience and service delivery to end users. BroadSoft themselves have acknowledged the need when Captivate On Hold passed their rigorous interoperability tests to become an accredited Broadsoft partner.

The BroadWorks tagline  is “Simplify, Accelerate, Innovate” and through our collaboration, that is exactly what Captivate On Hold has achieved for music on hold and phone audio messaging onhold.


Captivate On Holds partnership with BroadWorks simplifies Music on Hold for our users by:

  • Limiting the Service Providers engineer involvement. Once provisioned the service will be fully managed by Captivate.
  • Reports can be generated on demand to show call wait duration by handset. These include time, date, and duration.
  • No hardware headaches for end users or service providers.
  • No need for maintenance, upgrades or limited scalability or storage
  • Messages can be scripted, produced and uploaded when required with little marketing input.
  • Captivate provides a comprehensive managed music on hold/messaging onhold services from start to finish


Captivate On Hold’s partnership with BroadWorks accelerates music on hold/messaging on hold phone provision for our clients by:

  • Rapid deployment: Using the Captivate SIP registration solution means a new MoH service can be set up in minutes.
  • Limited administration and phone messaging onhold/music onhold setup.
  • Hassle free testing: Once contacted Captivate can provide a demo “feed” in a matter of minutes, with minimal engineer involvement.


Captivate On Hold’s partnership with BroadWorks innovates dynamic on hold phone call waiting services for our users by:

  • Allowing unlimited scalability: Captivate On Holds connection to BroadWorks operates from a cloud platform, allowing elasticity of MoH services to users for the first time.
  • Specially constructed high availability of every component of Captivate On Hold
  • Global service: Captivate On Hold has servers on most continents allowing us to deploy affordable, interactive, innovative phone call waiting options worldwide within Captivate On Hold’s cloud infrastructure.
  • Unlimited phone messaging capabilities
  • Schedule promotions to play in advance.

BroadSoft accreditation has allowed Captivate to reengineer music on hold for service providers – providing a service for end users that has never before been possible. Captivate On Hold works to innovate phone messaging onhold services. Request a demo to see how it works and how it can help your business?