You may recall from my first post that 33% of the personnel at BroadSoft are in engineering roles.

BroadSofts’ focus on engineering means that continual improvement to deliver better outcomes for their customers and end users is part of their culture.

Some observations…

Of all the Day 2 presentations I viewed, the one by Mark Kushnir, on project Amplify struck the biggest chord. Marks presentation on moving BroadWorks to Cloud Native/NFV principles for its Platform Architecture and Software Deployment & Delivery was very enlightening.  Captivate On Hold have been delivering cloud-delivered dynamic on hold to telco service providers worldwide for nearly 6 years. In this time Captivate had dealings with engineers at multiple levels. One common thread we hear is that a platform upgrade is a mammoth undertaking that is not without its challenges.

Amplify will make platform upgrades easier by permitting each of the new  “Micro Services” to run independently of all others. This will allow different versions to operate on a single platform. Updating the platform will be much smarter as each Micro Service module can be tested, proven and then rolled out, making a platform upgrade an incremental process. The proposed Amplify Tiered Architecture along with Service Slicing will make all this possible.

The BroadCloud Contact Centre presentation in Melbourne Australia was engaging. Contact Centres are big users of the Captivate service. After all, they do have the longest caller wait times. The recent acquisition of Transera by BroadSoft is great news for us. Cloud Contact Centers have been a little slow in understanding the need for great phone call waiting on hold. By presenting Captivate to this growing market segment, we’re confident that will change.

The BroadWorks R22 upgrade also holds promise. Push notifications will be included and enhancements to collaboration with a better presence server, new REST APIs and improved bandwidth sharing when in collaboration. Interesting Media Enhancements include support for virtualisation and an increase of the number of MyRoom participants to 145, still with 15 for video though. Most exciting though were the WebRTC improvements, most notably support for the H264 codec. Captivate developed Video On Hold a few years ago. As WebRTC gains wider acceptance the captivating Captivate phone video on-hold (VoH) solution will find its market.

There was much more presented; new streamlined portal inclusions as well as new features in the BroadWorks “Classic” portal, and a new UC One Enterprise Portal with support capabilities.

All in all a great day of interesting presentations that once more confirmed BroadSofts commitment to their BroadWorks platform and SP customers.

Go BroadSoft!

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