BroadSoft Connect 2016, Melbourne Australia

BroadSoft Connect

Captivate sponsored the two day BroadSoft Connect and Technical Connect event in Melbourne Australia on the 2nd and 3rd of May. This is our third straight year at this event.

Events like this keep us abreast of the platform updates and any updates that have the capacity to affect us or allow us to enhance our offerings. Captivate has a lot invested in the unique enhancement to the native BroadWorks platform Music On Hold.

BroadSoft presented a lot of facts about themselves which confirmed that we have indeed hitched our wagon to the right horse. BroadSoft turns over US$ 7 billion per annum, are still growing 20% year on year with engineers making up 33% of their total workforce, and they now have over 600 major international telecom service providers utilising their BroadWorks platform.

Mark Horwood presented Captivate to the nearly 200 attendees. Telstra had the largest attendance demonstrating their determination to continue to embrace, expand and their great TIPT offering. Mark took the opportunity to play our “Frustration” animated video to the crowd, demonstrating the challenge and reinforcing the value proposition Captivate delivers to resellers and end users of the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform, regardless of version.

We also evidenced an average on hold duration of 60.5 seconds. Even in this day of DID and comms technology that 60 seconds is still the same as was claimed by the MoH industry 20 years ago. To prove this duration, we analysed over 600,000 calls on Broadsoft.

BroadSoft Design, a recent acquisition by the parent was presented.  We saw how the linking of Google Analytics to a newly designed Time Warner Cable mobile app led to some startling improvements in usability with corresponding sales growth and bill payment time reductions.

Some time was devoted to the BroadSoft take on WebRTC, with a real world demo of it being used. This is where we foresaw Captivates exclusive Visual IVR and Video on Hold being most needed. Once more Captivate will lead the way..

The end of Day 1 was the drinks event where Mark and I got to catch up with all the movers and shakers in telecommunications from Australia, New Zealand and one from France.  Max Walker – the well known and respected, many capped Australian Test cricketer and now renowned writer gave the attendees a humorous and engaging story of his life, upbringing and  career, with the key point about being successful in life and career entails being flexible, persistent and willing to engage new technology.

Day 2 was “Technical Connect”. Stay tuned for more on that.