April 11, 2016

Improve Phone Messages/Music Onhold, Fix Boring Onhold Messages/Music

Phone Call Hangups

Frustrating and Boring Phone Call Waiting Messages/Music Onhold


Does your:

  1. Business phone messages/music onhold always start from the beginning every time a phone caller gets put on hold?
  2. Phone messages/music/muzak onhold boring deliver a boring corporate image?
  3. Holiday/seasonal recorded phone message on hold play for too long after the season is finished?
  4. Onhold phone message/music lack the interactive option for phone callers to choose what they want to listen to?
  5. Phone messages system lack market research data phone caller interactive choice preference options reports?
  6. Onhold phone recorded message/music/muzak system lack creative/interesting fresh phone audio content?
  7. Phone audio production company charge high prices for phone audio production?
  8. Recorded phone message script bore phone calls? Do you need professional, creative script writing help?
  9. Inhouse or out sourced IT support services staff cost too much to manually change call waiting messages/music onhold?
  10. Your phone messsage/music onhold loop too quickly?

    Improve boring phone messages/music onhold

If yes to any of these 10 questions about boring and or frustrating messages/music phone onhold problems, then for affordable phone message problem solutions, contact us today for a free assessment of your phone system and recommendation report/quote on how to improve the customer experience levels delivered by your ogranisation’s phone call waiting, messages/music onhold.

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