1st Pet Veterinary Clinics, Arizona America

Call waiting messages on-hold for veterinary clinic hospital America

Captivate had a referral from Vonage Business regarding a recently signed customer, 1st Pet Veterinary Centers in Arizona, USA.

“We recently changed to Vonage as our VOIP provider.  We have been using our own on-hold-messaging for years.  Now with Vonage we have just learned the limitations of Broadworks. 🙁  

We have three 24-hr Veterinary Hospitals in the Phoenix, Arizona area and are accustomed having our own custom recorded (use a 3rd party provider for the recordings) messages and would like to see how we can get this ability back.”   Merja Reynolds.

1st Pet Veterinary Centers in Arizona America reached out to Captivate after their move to the Vonage Hosted PBX platform resulted in the loss of the on hold phone call waiting flexibility they used to enjoy.

Most businesses today know they must have a great phone caller on hold customer experience. It’s really important to recognize that phone callers being transferred also hear the on hold messages.

What they don’t know is the true value of the dollars they spend on their on hold. They don’t know how many phone callers are placed on hold or the average duration. Even how many hours per month their phone messages are heard by business phone callers remains a mystery.

With Captivate‘s unique BroadWorks solution, not only do we stop the messages starting at the start every time (like this) we also report on the number of phone callers placed on hold and the duration by a handset.

After discussing their needs, 1st Pet Vet clinics in America was keen to try Captivate‘s fully managed solution. With a few minutes help from the Vonage engineering team, the first vet clinic was connected this week for a free 30-day trial. The vet clinic also supplied us their current music on hold (MoH) files. Captivate‘s sound studio manager identified that the classical music included in these was not “platform friendly” and became piercing and uncomfortable to listen to. He replaced the music… You can listen to the result here, including the automatically updated US specific daily content…

In the first 10 days at the 1st Pet Vet clinic admin office, the phone call waiting report shows they are averaging 40 callers per day placed on hold. Nice work.

Stay tuned for more results…


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