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Gartner research shows that even the most effective contact sales centers have phone callers waiting on-hold for an average of 36 seconds. At Captivate Connect we analysed nearly 4 million phone calls placed on hold in three continents, across different industries. The average time on hold was 45 seconds for medium-sized businesses. Phone calls to sales lines waited less, while phone calls to service, support or admin extensions waited on-hold longer. Of the three main channels of communications with customers, less than one percent of customer experience (CX) budgets are spent on the telephony channel, despite the fact that 33% of business is done on the phone. Improving interactive phone audio options for on-hold phone call waiting clients will reduce phone call abandonment. (phone call hang ups = loss of business). Phone on-hold audio options include: music on hold with a choice of listening music which doesn’t always start at the beginning of a track, on-hold messages which automatically update with events such as your holiday close/open dates (no more Christmas muzak in February), podcasts, radio news, quiz, even videos on-hold.
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Your phone messages/music delivered automatically by Captivate keep your phone callers wait time interesting and engaging.

Deviceless Telephony

Cloud-based dynamic Music On Hold solutions for most office phone voice platforms. From PBX and Hosted/VoIP through to Unified Communications, you will benefit from Captivate’s MoH solutions.


Branded phone messages about your business or just music on hold alone that doesn’t play from the beginning every time, Captivate is the answer


Build your perfect automated business office phone call waiting on hold messages and interactive music mix with Captivate.

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