Targeted Media Using Genome Technology


Targeted Media and Science.

Scientists recently developed a method of transmitting audio that is targeted based on the genetic make up of an individual and can be broadened to cover specific demographics. Targeted Media

Not really, although it is still targeted media.

The Western World is in the midst of a health craze. Healthy food, healthy environment, healthy standing, healthy sitting and the money maker – healthy activities. There is an untapped resource in advertising with amazing potential. Just imagine, hundreds of people at any one moment exercising in a gym or sports facility. Their heart is pumping, the blood is flowing and they feel alive. With high intensity music keeping them going for that one last set or one last lap, you’re in a front row position to advertise your business and be heard.

Tezo Pty Ltd specialise in targeted media solutions for businesses both small and large. Target patrons from your local area, at your local gym, promoting your local business or store. It isn’t just limited to local businesses though. Growing businesses that promote brand awareness can help increase the rate of growth and sales.

Targeted MediaThe reality is potential clients are hearing highly crafted music playlists, interspersed with targeted, dynamic and professional audio triggers. With patrons spending 45-60 minutes per visit your target audience will be listening..

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