March 21, 2016

In-Store Radio

Digital signage

Captivate’s In-Store Radio makes retail easy. 

The Benefits of  In-Store Radio

Captivate’s In-Store Radio enables you to play promotions and music over your in-store P.A. system. With clients in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the Maldives, Captivate’s In-Store Radio is a tried and tested service. The software is managed for you, meaning you provide the direction and Captivate script, produce and upload the content upon your approval.


In-store Radio

Sell more

Customers stay in store longer when they love the music. And more time spent in store means more money spent in store.



You control the music that plays, not your employees.



Update as many locations, over any distance, in an instant. No need to email files, post DVDs or USB sticks. No relying on staff to make the change. Update content worldwide from a central location.



Schedule promotions to play by time of day, day of the week or date of the month. The unsurpassed scheduling functionality provides Marketers and business owners unprecedented access to the latest in audio promotion technology.

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