Real Estate – Differentiate Your Business

Differentiate your business

A Unique Opportunity to Differentiate

When potential buyers call in to a real estate office, you have a small but powerful window to inform them of all the news and properties on offer.


This is a unique opportunity to differentiate your agency from your competitors with date sensitive home open listings. It shows sellers you go the extra mile and helps broaden the scope of potential buyers and tenants.Differentiate your business


Chances are, they’re calling for that very reason and they want to buy, sell or rent a property through YOU.


Offering this information before they even reach you will put you at the forefront of your industry and relays opportunities that callers may have otherwise been closed to.


Depending on when and where your home opens take place, Captivate will schedule the listings with plenty of time for potential buyers and tenants to lock in their weekend plans. Our goal is to make sure you’re a part of those plans.


With the flexibility of weekly updates and date sensitive restrictions, your content will always be current.


It doesn’t get more ‘immediate’ than that.


This is also an opportunity to saturate your online presence and increase traffic to your website where there is more detailed information on the local market and properties.


Let Captivate help you expose more homes to more people and differentiate your business from the competition.


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